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Banterra SmartChoice Banterra InterestPlus Banterra Green Banterra Restart Banking
Account Description Great benefits including identity theft protection and cell phone protection Allows you to earn interest on money in your checking account Offers the essentials while encouraging a green environment through paperless practices If you’ve previously not been eligible for a checking account, these accounts may be the right option for you.
ID Protect® sprite
Cellular Phone Protection sprite
Interest Bearing sprite
Free Visa Debit Card sprite sprite sprite sprite
$750 merchandise limit and $300 cash limit per day
Free Online Banking sprite sprite sprite sprite
Free Online Bill Payment sprite sprite sprite
Free Online Statements sprite sprite sprite sprite *
Free Mobile Banking including iPad & SmartPhone Apps sprite sprite sprite sprite
Mobile Check Deposit not available
Free Foreign ATM Transactions No Banterra fee on up to eight (8) non-Banterra ATM transactions per statement cycle; Other financial institution fees may apply.
Free Personalized Checks 50% off first box of checks First box of standard checks free; 50% off future orders
Additional Benefits Free paper statements, $200 discount on Banterra mortgage closing costs, 50% discount on safety deposit box and personal storage lockers Banterra Restart Checking includes unlimited check writing; not included with Banterra Restart Basic.
Minimum Opening Balance $100 $1,000 $100 $50
Minimum Balance None $2,500 minimum balance in the account each day to earn interest None None
Monthly Fee $5 $15 $5 $9.95* (Save $3 per month with direct deposit)
Can Monthly Fee Be Avoided? No Yes Yes No
How Can Monthly Fee Be Avoided? N/A $5,000 minimum daily balance is maintained in this account or $20,000 combined average balance in this account, identified checking, savings & money markets, or minimum balance in certificate of deposit (CD). The CD minimum balance equals the current balance at the beginning of each statement period. Option 1 - $500 daily balance is maintained in this account
Option 2 - A combined average balance of $2,500 is maintained with checking, savings, money market, or minimum daily balance in CDs and/or IRAs
Option 3 - Two direct deposits are made per statement cycle
Option 4 - Eight (8) Banterra VISA® Debit Card purchases are made per cycle.
Option 5 - Account holder is military (with proof of military status)
Option 6 - Account holder is a student (age 24 or younger with proof of student status)
Option 7 - Primary or secondary account holder is age 60 or over

*Additional $1 fee for requested paper statements if you elect to use Online Banking.

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