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Banterra offers convenient and competitive business products that make us the smart financial partner to get you on the road to success.

Merchant Processing

Banterra’s Merchant Processing Solutions, provided by Approval Payment Solutions (APS), allow customers to pay for goods and services with major credit and debit cards at your business. In today’s cashless society, this type of payment option is a must for any business.

  • Customized solutions and competitive pricing designed around your business
  • Variety of equipment options to meet your needs including wireless terminals, mobile & tablet processing
  • 24/7 service and support with APS
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Certified plus in-house PCI Specialists to assist
  • Elimination of most EMV liability shift depending on your business type
  • Fast Funding, access to your daily settlements within 24 hours from settlement


Banterra understands that running a business often requires the need to collect your hard-earned money in a timely manner. That’s why we’re pleased to offer this simple and valuable enhancement to your business account

checXchange™ is a service which automatically collects your returned checks. Banterra is pleased to offer this service, which is in partnership with Money Transfer Systems, the leader in electronic check recovery. checXchange™ greatly increases your recovery of bad checks, at no cost to you and you don’t do a thing!

checXchange FAQs

Q How does checXchange™ collect my returned items?

A We will process all returned checks we receive directly from your bank. We then submit your deposits for you through the ACH network. Any returned items will be handled by the automatic returns handling module of checXchange™.

Q Is checXchange™ automated returns handling more effective?

A Yes. Our statistics show some merchant’s recovery rates increase as much as 60%, resulting in an overall recovery rate of 70% to 75% for NSF checks.

Q How will checXchange™ notify me that a check has been returned?

A The status of any transaction in our system can be followed through our internet based 24/7 realtime reporting system. This includes images of original deposited items and returned items.

Q When and how does checXchange™ provide reimbursement?

A checXchange™ will reimburse your funds immediately, upon settlement. Your funds are electronically (ACH) credited to your bank.

Q How much does checXchange™ cost?

A checXchange™ is a no-cost service. Our program works conveniently and quickly for you and your customers.

Q Then how does checXchange™ make money?

A The cost of collection is paid by the check writer from state-authorized collection fees.

Q Why should I use checXchange™?

A You eliminate your traditional bad item collection techniques, and get 100% of your money back from the bad checks we collect. checXchange™ strategically chooses when the check writer’s account is debited. This alone can result in a substantial increase in recovery rates.

Q Will checXchange™ save me money?

A Definitely! Everything is automatic so there are no re-deposit fees charged to you for resubmitting checks automatically. There are no bank return fees on NSF checks that come back a second time.

Q What other businesses use checXchange™?

A Many leading companies are utilizing this service including major utilities, restaurant chains, hospitality chains, retails stores, and several other large corporations that accept checks.

Q What must a merchant do to inform customers?

A Merchants must notify customers that their returned checks may be collected automatically. This notice can be at the point-of-sale, or on a monthly billing statement. checXchange™ supplies all of our customers with a point-of-sale decal that covers this necessary verbiage.

Q How do I contact checXchange™?

A You can e?mail us at or you can call us at 800?208?2964.