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With Banterra's Live Teller + 24-Hour ATM
*Available at select locations

With Banterra’s Live Teller, you can interact with a friendly Banterra teller through an interactive teller machine (ITM), even when the branch is closed, during these Live Teller hours:



Banterra Live Teller allows you to:

  • Make Deposits With Cash or Check
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Withdraw Cash
  • Cash Checks

Plus, at any time, you can use the ITM as an enhanced 24-hour ATM, with services such as:

  • Withdraw Cash
  • Transfer Money
  • Make Deposits
  • Cash Checks

Live Teller Locations

CARBONDALE: 1500 West Main St.

DU QUOIN: 124 W. Main St.

HARRISBURG: 395 S. Commercial St.

MARION (IN KROGER): 1704 W. DeYoung St.

WEST FRANKFORT: 1206 W. Main St.

FAQs - Banterra's Live Teller/ITM

Q What is an ITM?

A ITM is an Interactive Teller Machine. This machine allows you to connect with a Live Teller utilizing two-way video during designated hours. The Live Tellers will be able to assist you with transactions that you could do in a branch. An ITM – which we will often refer to as Banterra’s Live Teller - also provides 24-hour ATM services.

Q What types of transactions can I complete?

A You will be able to complete:

  • Deposits - both cash and check
  • Deposit with cash back
  • Check cashing
  • Loan payments
  • PIN change
  • Denomination selection
  • Withdrawals
  • Balance inquiries
  • Transfers

Q How can I speak to a Live Teller?

A Simply press the “help” button at any time during Live Teller hours to reach a Live Teller. Certain transaction types, such as payments, will automatically launch a two-way video with one of our Live Tellers.

Q What if I don’t have my debit card?

A If you’re visiting the ITM during Live Teller hours, then a Live Teller can look up your account utilizing your account number or your SSN/EIN. Please be prepared to provide your ID as well as answer any necessary security questions.

Q Are the Live Tellers employed by Banterra Bank?

A Yes, our Live Tellers are employed by Banterra and work at a Banterra facility within our footprint. In fact, you have likely received service from one of our Live Tellers in one of our branch facilities or spoken to them when calling Banterra Customer Care.

Q What bill denominations are available?

A 1s, 5s, 20s and 100s are available.

Q Can I choose my bill denominations?

A Yes, simply click “Choose Your Bills” to select your denominations or let a Live Teller know that you’d like to specify your denominations.

Q Will the Live Teller Machine dispense coin?

A A few of our models will dispense coin when you cash a check. If you visit one of our Live Teller Machines that does not dispense coin, the change portion will be deposited to your account and the bills dispensed to you.

Q Will I need my ID?

A You may need your ID when a Live Teller is assisting you. Your security is our top priority.

Q Are Live Teller Machines/ITM transactions secure?

A Yes, your ITM transaction is just as secure as if you were completing the transaction in one of our branches. You simply have the added convenience of never leaving your vehicle to visit one of our friendly team members.

Q Can I still use my debit card to withdraw cash?

A Yes, once your card is inserted into the card reader simply select “Get Cash.”

Additional Tips:

  • When depositing or cashing a check, ensure that you’ve endorsed the check before doing so.
  • Don’t forget to remove your card or ID before pulling away.
  • A receipt will only print if you select that you would like one. It will not automatically print for each transaction.
  • Please ensure that your bills are all unfolded before inserting into the machine and that any paper clips or rubber bands are removed.

Additional Conveniences Offered With Banterra’s Live Teller:

  • No deposit slip is required.
  • Deposit both cash and checks.
  • Complete transactions without leaving your vehicle.
  • Check images will print on your receipt.
  • Touch the “Help” button for assistance at any time during Live Teller hours